Friday, August 29, 2014

An E-News Message From Pastor John

Hey everybody, I hope you're having a great week!

This weekend is part two of our new series "Why Are Christians So...? If you missed last week you might want to take a look at why Christians are so easily offended ( This weekend is hopefully going to be just as helpful and it's going to be a great weekend to invite a friend.

By the way, we learned a new song this past weekend (which I loved) and if you'd like to listen to it again, it's from the Hillsong's "We Are Young and Free" album. The song title is "Love Goes On". Just go to iTunes, listen to it on Spotify (or whatever you use). It's one of my favorites right now!

So many things going on...

    1. Men's Conference... "Live & Let Die". Guys, it's only one night and I believe you'll be glad you signed up. CLICK HERE for more info and to register.
    2. Grow in your faith... There are so many ways we're offering for you to get connected and to grow, it's not even funny! CLICK HERE to learn more about all the opportunities.
    3. New to Hope dinner/lunch... If you are relatively new to Hope and you've never been to a dinner or lunch, we'd love to invite you to join us on your campus either Saturday, Sept. 6 (Frisco East) or Sunday, Sept. 7 (McKinney or Frisco West). It's a free meal and a great way to lean more about Hope and meet some of the staff as well as make some new friends! CLICK HERE to sign up.

One last thing... Frisco East, I want to thank all of you who have switched to the Saturday night service! It made a HUGE difference!!! Please, please, please keep coming to Saturday night. We were able to have the highest non-holiday attendance in the history of Hope because of you, keep it up!

BTW, McKinney and Frisco West had the largest non-holiday attendance ever last weekend! Way to go! Keep inviting your friends!!!

Love to all,