Saturday, March 28, 2015

An E-News Message From Pastor John

Hey guys!

This weekend I'll be teaching the final message in our series "Things I Wish Jesus Never Said". Does Jesus have anything to say about success??? We'll find out!

A few things I need you to know (please read all of them):

    1. Easter Tickets for Frisco East: I know everyone usually waits until the last minute to sign up for things (we all do it). If you could help me out and reserve your tickets for the service you want (and for friends) to attend, it would be awesome! CLICK HERE
    2. There is a song we're going to sing Easter weekend that I cannot get out of my head. It's called "This is Living" (by Hillsong Young & Free) and I am loving it! If you'd like to download it and listen to it before Easter. (We're not including the rap part of the song on Easter - although, I might bust it out myself...) CLICK HERE
    3. This weekend at all of our services and campuses, you will be able to pick up a Holy Week devotional that we have made for you and your family. The devotionals will start on Monday and end on Easter Sunday. It's a great way to get the whole family together, focused on Christ and His work on the cross! CLICK HERE to check it out!
    4. Good Friday online service: I am so excited about this. At 7:00 PM on Good Friday (April 3), you can go HERE and watch a short Good Friday message with your whole family. There will be a few songs and I'll bring a very short message ending with communion. I would love for you as a family to sit around the computer or your TV screen and watch this together and then receive communion together as a family. How cool is that? Just pick up some bread and juice before the online service. I would encourage you to put this on your family calendar, meet at 7:00 PM all together and reflect on the price Jesus paid for our sin.

One last thing... Over the last several months, the staff and I have been in several meetings thinking of ways we can make getting connected at Hope as easy as possible - thus the card everyone received this past weekend listing all the grow opportunities for you and your family. If you have fallen out of connection with other believers here at Hope, I would encourage you to get connected again. It's so easy to get disconnected; it's so easy to distance ourselves. But that's not healthy and it's not biblical. Maybe a Bible study, maybe a home group, a special interest group or a class is the ticket for you. You can join a ministry team for connection! Whatever you do, don't just attend a good church and stay disconnected. Get involved, get connected, grow your faith and be a part of someone else's growth! CLICK HERE to find out more information.

I love you guys and I cannot wait for this weekend, for our Easter services and for the series after Easter... "Goliath Must Fall"! Get ready!


P.S. If you would like some social media invites to post for Easter, you can download them HERE.